My Ten Truths of 2012

As I look back on 2012, I can’t help but appreciate all I’ve experienced and all I’ve learned.

It was an interesting year for me, to say the least. Action-packed and educational.

I wanted to share with you what crystallized for me in the last 12 months:

1. Listen to my body
Earlier in the year, I wrote about craving cauliflower. As my tastes are always changing, that ship sailed and now I’m into green beans for the first time in my life.

Let your body tell you about different foods. Don’t force something that doesn’t appeal. And while you may not like something now, be open to the possibility that one day you might.

2. My sweet potatoes kill
They really do. I make the best damn sweet potatoes.

Here’s how:
-Wash the sweet potato
-Stab all over with a knife
-Wrap tightly in unbleached parchment paper
-Bake on the rack at 350 for about an hour to 1:20 (until it’s really squishy to the touch)

You won’t need to add sugar, butter, or anything. It’s that sweet. And that delicious.

3. Slow down
Sometimes I just have to slow down. I can’t do it all. Nor should I try. Nor should you.

4. I fell in love with my kitchen
Fall in love with yours. Cooking at home is the healthiest way to live.

5. Embrace imperfections
I’m still working on this one, but I’m getting better. I’m finding the beauty in the flaws…most of the time.

6. Diet can change everything
I used to be the sleepiest person. Now that I live my life free of the white stuff (white carbs, white sugar, etc.), I have tons of energy. Sometimes, too much (See #3). If something isn’t quite right with you, look at your diet first.

7. Simplify
I discovered that I’m happier when I simplify things in my life. I will continue to do so. Look to see where in your life you can reduce.

My new favorite product is NuttZo Seven Nut and Seed ButterWith chocolate. So I’m getting my chocolate fix with a protein snack all in one. One spoonful packs a punch. Yum, yum, and…organic, of course. 😉

8. Baby Steps
Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Some of the greatest accomplishments take time…lots of time. Stick with it.

9. Life takes unexpected turns
I’ve been very surprised by my life in 2012. It took some turns that were unexpected, exciting, scary, challenging, and fulfilling. I’ve grown a lot and grown some gray hairs to prove it. 2012 was further proof that when (wo)man plans, god laughs.

Which god? Doesn’t matter. Have your own kind of faith and let it guide you.

10.  I’m a blogger
That’s right. 2012 made me a blogger. And I’m loving it. Here’s a big thank you to all of you for your support and interest. I have some great topics lined up for 2013, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, what have you learned this year?

Happy New Year!


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12 responses to “My Ten Truths of 2012

  1. Love your list.

    I have learned a lot this year as well. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to believe in myself. I have also begun really listening to my body. It’s amazing the change that can take place when we listen and pay attention to what our bodies need.

    I am looking forward to what 2013 has in store 🙂

  2. James Dolin


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  3. Dr JR

    Wow!! Those are great pieces of very wise advice. Thank you!
    To piggyback on that, I would say:
    -Your way of making sweet potatoes is the Best!! They are a meal & dessert all in one.
    – Thx for turning me on to chia & hemp seeds. My daily salads are naked without them. I even add them to my morning yogurt on weekends ( baby steps)
    – it creates great peace to simplify, slow down & learn to strive for excellence- not perfection.
    Your blog has been very inspirational. I will take baby steps into the new year with my favorite blogging health coach to guide me.
    Happy New Year & all good things in 2013
    Here’s to Healthier living for everyone!

  4. Happy New Year, Jillian!
    I love your blog and have learned quite a bit from you. Now if I could just follow your example 100%!

  5. Deedee

    Life does bring many changes and how we deal with challenges is a lesson for us all you have done a fabulous job holding many jobs and learning from all you have been dealt with very proud of all your info!! Dd

  6. I’m so glad you became a blogger this year! Now get ready to rock and roll in 2013!

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