Thanks for Giving Me Alternatives…

As we head into Thanksgiving – my most favorite holiday EVER (hooray! it’s almost here!) – we prepare for the legendary feast that means full bellies and a few extra pounds (eek! let’s bond, mr. elliptical!).

You know how everyone says the turkey makes you tired? It’s probably just the ridiculous volume of food we consume, not the turkey.  When we overeat, the rest of the body shuts down so the digestive system can do it’s thing.

Ah, the third Thursday of November.

It’s my worst day by far. But SO worth it.

That being said, I still bring the health coach part of me to the kitchen. Here’s what I do to make the Thanksgiving table that much healthier for my family…

1. Organic, Free-Range Turkey

Conventional meat is not raised humanely and the stress and fear that these animals experience when they are jammed into cages and can’t move, and are slaughtered in frightening ways, creates stress hormones that end up in the meat we eat. Not to mention, they’re given genetically modified feed, which they can’t digest, and that combined with their living conditions makes them fat and sick…cue the antiobiotics. ALL OF THAT ends up on our plates. Gross.

Organic and free-range, on the other hand, mean the animals live and eat the way animals are supposed to: outside with food they can digest. Make the investment in your health and go organic with your meat this holiday season. We’ll be eating Mary’s Organic.

2. Organic Potatoes

Because they grow in the ground, potatoes soak up all of the nasty pesticides in the soil like a sponge, so organic is the way to go.

And for those of you with sweet potato dishes, Trader Joe’s has the most delicious organic sweets. Stay away from the cans, which have BPA, and do fresh. You’ll taste the difference.

3. Use Ghee or Coconut Oil for Cooking and Baking

Coconut is just the best damn oil. If you want the butter taste, though, choose ghee (clarified butter) which can be found at health food and specialty stores. For my concerns about conventional dairy, check out my post on it.

Two reasons ghee and coconut oil are better options:
1. Because of their heart healthy medium-chain fatty acids
2. Because they can both withstand higher temperatures than butter and other oils before breaking down.

Learn more about ghee here. Make sure you choose high quality (not commercial versions) – go organic for both and unrefined for coconut oil.

4. Healthy Cookware/Bakeware and Storage

Check my previous post for my favorite kitchen tools. And don’t forget to store your leftovers in glass containers – NOT PLASTIC! Some might argue that leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving…so keep them BPA-free!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I, for one, am grateful for so very much. Take that moment to reflect on your life, enjoy the time with your family and friends, and have a kickass meal and a wonderful holiday!


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8 responses to “Thanks for Giving Me Alternatives…

  1. Dr JR

    Thx HCJ. I already have the ingredients you recommend. This will be the first round of TGIVING with Ghee. Most of my recipes call for butter, and lots of it. I look forward to having a partner in health at my side in the kitchen this year. Always room for improvement.
    Also, I have 2 new sets of glass bowls with BPA free lids to store those leftovers. Keeping my Peops healthy, even after the meal. You are such a good influence! With awe and appreciation. Happy TG, DJR

  2. Dd

    I love thanksgiving too! I’m so grateful to my family. They are the absolute best! This was a fab article. Really enjoyed it! Love dd

  3. I’m a full-fledged vegetarian, but if my family went out of their way to get a grass-fed turkey, I might have to get involved lol; thanks for showing the other options out there:))

    • Thanks! Even without turkey, if you use coconut oil, there are so many delicious sides to enjoy – sweet potatoes, stuffing (baked in a dish, not in a bird), and veggies. Make a squash soup as an appetizer and a pumpkin bread for dessert and you’ve got yourself one delicious meal! Hope you have a happy one!

  4. AC

    Another amazing blog, HCJ!
    I’ll be having Thanksgiving with my family. Not only is it my favorite holiday, they are also my favorite people. Because of you and all the nutritional information you share with us, our dinner will be both healthy and delicious.
    Thanks so much,

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