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Friday Fun, vol. 3

Happy Friday!

No doubt you’ve worked your butt off this week  – I know I have! Whew!

So now there’s one thing you need to do before you head into the weekend. It’s something we just don’t do enough. But it’s important. And now you’ve got orders from me to do it:


That’s right. You deserve it.

Life is short. And too many people spend too much time thinking about the things that are wrong, and all the many ways in which they aren’t good enough.

You’re awesome. Acknowledge and embrace it.

Go be awesome and have a great weekend!

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“The Stomach Has No Teeth”

Ever heard that before? I just heard it and loved it.

And because your only teeth are the ones in your mouth, you need to chew that food in your mouth. And chew it really well.


Because digestion starts in the mouth! Chewing breaks down food into smaller, more easily digestible pieces and the enzymes in saliva start the digestion process. If you don’t chew your food, you’re making it harder for your digestive system to do its job.


Well, if your digestive system can’t break down food, you’ll get bloated, gassy, stomach achey and tired. Not fun. NOT CUTE.

We eat to fuel our bodies. Digestion is about getting the important nutrients into our bodies and eliminating the waste. If your system has to work overtime to get the job done, there’s more room for error. Plus, with all that energy going towards breaking down the food, you’ll end up feeling tired after you eat, instead of energized.

But when we chew our food really well, our digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard and we are able to absorb those important nutrients and feel good at the same time.

What does “really well” mean?

At least 30 times per mouthful. Aim for 30-50 chews per bite.

How about an added bonus? Yes! I love added bonuses!

Chewing your food helps you lose weight. Eating slower means you’re more mindful of what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. Instead of shoveling it in, you’re savoring every bite and accounting for every bite, and the awareness helps you from getting out of control.

Also, you’ll get full before you finish – because you’re breaking down the food and letting the nutrients get in. Voila! Body is sated! With less food! Hoorah!

And an added ADDED bonus? What you didn’t finish on that plate you can save for tomorrow. And just like that, you have another meal without the need for all the prep. How great is that?!

So next time you want to scarf down a heaping plate of whatever, STOP. And chew. (Did you think I was going to say Hammer Time? Collaborate and listen? You totally thought I was. 😉 )

Question of the Day:

What old school tune gets you on the dance floor every time?

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Who remembers that crazy Chia Pet phase? And the ridiculous commercials for those ridiculous chia pets?

Well, chia has made a comeback. You’ve heard me (and probably others) squawking about chia seeds for some time now, so I guess I should tell you what all the fuss is about.

As you know, my dad got some chia seeds for Father’s Day. I thought about a chia pet instead, but with two Pulis, my parents really didn’t need another pet. What they really needed were superfoods to keep them healthy.

What’s a Puli? This.

They have these. With shorter hair. Reminiscent of a Chia Pet, actually. Hmm. Okay, let’s refocus.


Chia seeds are amazing. When they get wet, they form a gel that helps food glide through your digestive tract, but they still have a crunch to them. Nifty, right? And they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids for heart healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants.

One tablespoon has only 60 calories (give or take – different brands list different stats). And it gives you a good dose of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese.

Additionally, chia seeds are a complete plant protein and gluten-free. This makes them a great option for vegans or vegetarians, as well as those with gluten intolerance or Celiac.

Let’s talk about fiber. In that single tablespoon, you get a whopping 5g of fiber. Gals, you need at least 25 grams a day. And guys, you need at least 38 grams. Pregnant gals, you should aim for 28 grams. For men and women over 50, you need at least 30 grams and 21 grams, respectively. So with just one tbsp, you’re making a good dent in that fiber requirement.

With all that fiber, and because the seeds grow when wet, they not only help with digestion, but a little bit fills you up and aids in weight loss, too. Chia seeds also help balance blood sugar, help lower cholesterol, and prevent against heart disease.

Although these are all great benefits, too much of anything is never a good idea. So don’t start eating insane amounts. A couple tablespoons a day is plenty. And for those of you on blood thinners, chia might not be for you. Talk to your doc.

I recommend organic only, of course. You can find chia at Whole Foods, your local health food store, or online. I like the Navitas Naturals brand because they’re raw, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and organic. And I like the company. But there are a lot of other great brands, too.

I’ll put chia on just about anything. I put it in my oatmeal for breakfast, in salads, on veggies, on soups, and in smoothies. You can also put it on yogurt, in cereal, or grind it and bake with it. They really don’t have much of a flavor so they work well in a sweet or savory dish.

And here’s my new fave dessert:

Chia Pudding

2 tbsp of chia seeds
1/4 cup of almond milk
15 frozen raspberries
1 tsp of raw cacao nibs
1 tbsp of hemp seeds
liberal shakes of cinnamon
2 shakes of cloves

Here’s what you do. Get a bowl. Add in everything but the cacao nibs. Mix until it’s all mixed up. Mush the raspberries. Make sure it’s mixed really well. Then let it sit on the counter or in the fridge for at least 10 minutes. Let it get really thick. Then sprinkle on the cacao nibs when you’re ready to eat so they stay crunchy.

Now, I should warn you that I don’t like it too sweet. If you like more sweetness, you can add 1/4 – 1/2 ripe banana, 20 frozen blueberries, 1 tsp of coconut nectar or some raw honey.



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Happy Father’s Day!

Some dads are celebrating their first this weekend. Other dads, like my own, are celebrating their 30-something…we won’t get specific with numbers 😉 . And some dads aren’t here with us anymore but they are never forgotten. Never ever.

To all of you men, we honor you today because you deserve it and because we love you. So a big Happy Father’s Day to you!

I happen to have the world’s best dad (I know everyone says that but if you’ve met him, you’d agree he’s pretty great), and today he got some things he’s been asking for and some things I think are important for him to have.

See, part of how I show my love is by encouraging him to be healthier. I am Health Coach Jillian, after all. And he did encourage me to pursue the nutrition thing. Therefore, he has no choice but to be a good sport (love you, Dad!). So…in his Father’s Day bag-o-treats, I included:

1. Navitas Hemp Seeds

2. Chia Seeds

3. Rudi’s Whole Wheat Bread

Click here for a coupon for the bread!

Lucky guy, right?! Haha. Don’t worry. He got some fun stuff, too. 😀

But I encouraged him to put his chia and hemp seeds on his morning yogurt and fruit. He can also throw some chias into his blended coffee drinks. Chia and hemp can go in salads, too. Very versatile, very healthy, and they won’t alter the taste of what you’re eating.

So with that…have a great day, boys! Thanks for all you do!

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A Fab Find

Happy Friday, Everyone!

You may have noticed I took a little hiatus from the blog this week. There was some big stuff going on and not enough time for blogging. I missed you all, though. And that’s the truth.

And to prove it, I thought of you when I came across this on Wednesday:

How great is that? A whole cabinet full of inspirational signs. I loved them all and couldn’t choose just one to buy so I took a picture of the whole cabinet!

Wednesday was an incredible day. And this was an awesome find.

So have a wonderful weekend. I urge you to seek out a special little moment or two. Savor the small things. Embrace the unexpected.

Question of the Day:
Which one of these quotes hits home most for you?


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