One Seriously Tasty Weekend

Happy Weekend!

It is for HCJ & Co! My super cute, amazing dad is having a birthday and that means I’m going all out…in the kitchen.

As requested, Birthday Brunch will be a repeat of what I did for my Mom’s big day.

I was buying my Petit Pain Pascals at Trader Joe’s today and I bought so many that the checkout guy asked if I’d be using them for soup bowls.

My eyes went wide and I said, “No! French Toast! They are amazing as french toast! I make a french toast casserole that’s incredible!”

Like my dad, I’ll eat the Pascals any which way – plain, toasted with ghee, with avocado, or as french toast. This weekend, these little loaves have one fate only: they’re getting cubed up and into my 11×15 pan. It’s going to be legendary.

But last night I got the opportunity to do something I’ve been planning for quite some time. I made a seafood feast with seafood from I Love Blue Sea, a company out of San Francisco that sources the best sustainable seafood from small fishing operations around the country.

The Result?

Amazingly fresh, delicious seafood because it’s flash frozen immediately after it’s caught.

My selections included Wild Sockeye Salmon fresh from Alaska and lobster tails from Maine.

No fishy taste at all. Doing right by the taste buds, the body, and the environment. That’s an HCJ trifecta.

Now, the pièce de résistance was the lobster pasta. Dad LOVES pasta. And lobster.

And I love Dad.

lobster_1_1000_1_Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 9.55.50 AM

So here’s the informal recipe…

I boiled the lobster tails – takes about 5 minutes.

I cooked up DeBoles Organic Fettucine (not whole grain but this was a special occasion 😉 and Dad LOVED this pasta) for 7 minutes, rinsed and added:

*chopped organic cherry tomatoes (which are ridic right now, btw)

*2 tsp of ghee

*a few shakes of organic dried basil

*and about 1/2 cup of low sodium organic chicken broth.

I let that all cook for about 2-3 minutes, until tomatoes looked slightly cooked.

Then I added chopped up meat from two lobster tails and topped it all with a whole lot of organic spinach. Cook until spinach is wilted – it’s just a couple of minutes.

(I was careful not to overcook because the pasta was done.)

I poured it all into a bowl and added some olive oil and mixed it up. You can add (organic) parmesan straight in but I did a little dish on the side.

HUGE hit.

Hey, Dad. I know you’re reading this. The good news is that there are still two lobster tails in the freezer so we can do this all again soon. And the other good news is that french toast is happening tomorrow. Happy, happy, happiest of birthdays to you. You’re the best dad in the history of the world (no offense, other dads) and I love you so much.


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10 responses to “One Seriously Tasty Weekend

  1. J Roth

    Just wanted to let everyone know that our daughter has made some great dishes and last night was certainly a wonderful treat. It was a delicious sea food feast!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s French toast, because that is amazing as well!!!
    As for daughters, mom and I are convinced that you are the best daughter of all time(no offense to other daughters) and thank you for everything and especially making this weekend very special. We love you so very much!!!

  2. Dr JR

    Hey HCJ. It was an amazing dinner. If cooking food is a way to show love (& we know it is), you have one lucky circle of loved ones. Looking forward to the French toast repeat. It really is awesome!!
    Your Dad is one very happy guy!! LYL,TM

  3. AC

    Hi HCJ,
    What a tribute to your amazing Dad and how fortunate you are to have each other!
    It’s truly beautiful that you express your love through your cooking and so inspirational as well.
    From one who loves you and your cooking,

  4. Carol Frank

    Happy Birthday Jeff (AKA Dad) and Jillian, the dinner sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try it, however, your French toast is next on my list. Have a great weekend celebrating – your Dad and Mom are the greatest!!!! Carol

  5. Michele

    Hi Jillian, I enjoy so much reading your blogs. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your amazing dad n mom ! Enjoy and keep the healthy hints
    coming. Michele

  6. Excellent feast! sounds like a great time with your dad. Good call.

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