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Friday Fun, vol. 3

Happy Friday!

No doubt you’ve worked your butt off this week  – I know I have! Whew!

So now there’s one thing you need to do before you head into the weekend. It’s something we just don’t do enough. But it’s important. And now you’ve got orders from me to do it:


That’s right. You deserve it.

Life is short. And too many people spend too much time thinking about the things that are wrong, and all the many ways in which they aren’t good enough.

You’re awesome. Acknowledge and embrace it.

Go be awesome and have a great weekend!

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A Fab Find

Happy Friday, Everyone!

You may have noticed I took a little hiatus from the blog this week. There was some big stuff going on and not enough time for blogging. I missed you all, though. And that’s the truth.

And to prove it, I thought of you when I came across this on Wednesday:

How great is that? A whole cabinet full of inspirational signs. I loved them all and couldn’t choose just one to buy so I took a picture of the whole cabinet!

Wednesday was an incredible day. And this was an awesome find.

So have a wonderful weekend. I urge you to seek out a special little moment or two. Savor the small things. Embrace the unexpected.

Question of the Day:
Which one of these quotes hits home most for you?


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