Dehydratin’ Away…

So the hubby and I are pretty much inseparable. We work together, we live together (obviously), and we go places together. It’s awesome. And the dog ain’t far behind.

I mean, look at that face. Would you leave her? Exactly.

But this week, I have a new best friend. Her name is Excalibur.

That’s right. Health Coach Jillian is dehydratin’ the bejesus out of anything she can get her hands on with her new 5-tray Excalibur Food Dehydrator.ย It’s BPA-free and phthalate-free.

But if the hubby feels threatened, he has only himself to blame. (And maybe two employees at Whole Foods.) All three commented on my out of control addiction to kale chips. All of them said, “Why don’t you make your own?”

The first time I got the question I replied, “Whenever I make kale chips in the oven, they burn.”

But last time I got the question, I fielded it differently. “MY DEHYDRATOR IS ON ITS WAY TO ME!! I JUST ORDERED IT!”

Okay, maybe the cashier was unprepared for that level of enthusiasm, but he asked and with my Excalibur en route, I was excited. Super excited.

So now I’m trying anything that sounds like it will taste good when dried out: apple with cinnamon, strawberries, figs, carrots, zucchini, and of course, kale.

Now, one might wonder what the point is. Don’t we want the water that’s in these foods? Sure!

And when you eat dehydrated food you should drink water to rehydrate. So it seems totally pointless, right?

Not exactly.

I keep the temperature on 105F so the foods are still technically raw, but cooked. Cooking with high heat destroys much of the nutrients in food, but at this temperature, I’m preserving the nutrients and the live enzymes that are in raw food. Andย I get on-the-go healthy snack food – like carrot chips and zucchini chips. This way, I can make some healthy concoctions instead of always eating cold food out of the fridge. But mostly, I just eat truckloads of kale chips.

Finally, I gotta give a special shout out to the Mom and Dad – my new bestie is a result of some birthday cashola (yes, HCJ gets older in the summertime). Thanks, guys! I’m having a blast with my new toy!


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13 responses to “Dehydratin’ Away…

  1. James Dolin

    One word: TurkeyJerky!!!

    Sent from my iPad thingy

  2. J Roth

    The Health Blog is consistently very informative and VERY cool!!! LG

  3. Dr JR

    So interesting, HCJ. I am anxious to try these dehydrated foods when I have access to some. I have tried a few that were packaged & don’t love them. Can you make any recommendations?
    Thx for this info. As always you are so helpful & knowledgable !

  4. Dr Judie Roth

    PS. The doggy photo is.soooo cute!

  5. rawgreenfitness

    You beat me to it! We’re ordering ours this week ๐Ÿ™‚ I already have a million pages ear-marked for recipes that I want to try. We will have to exchange notes on what’s good! xo – E

  6. Lisa DiGiorgio

    Hi — How are you? So happy to hear about the kale chips you are making. I also tried in the oven and haven’t had much success. But, I have a food dehydrator…I will have to try kale chips!




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