Light a Fire

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the Olympics.

In addition to being amazed by our athletes (Go USA!) and shocked at our commercials (are you freakin’ kidding me?), I was amused by this:

If you can relate, as I’m sure many of us can, consider this a reminder to put down your phone and go do something fun this weekend! Take a hike, go to the beach, take the dog to a park…whatever means summer for you, go enjoy it before it’s gone. And that means getting your face out of your phone.

As for the commercials, if you haven’t heard me talking about this yet, please join me in signing this petition to urge broadcasters to change the sponsors for the biggest display of athleticism in the world.


Somehow, telling us (kids, especially) to sit around drinking soda and eating McDonald’s while watching athletes in peak performance break world records just doesn’t jive for me. I wish lighting that Olympic torch meant lighting a fire under this country’s butt to get more active.

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite Olympic event? I love beach volleyball! Congrats Kerri and Misty!!

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One response to “Light a Fire

  1. I’m a huge fan of beach volleyball as well. But I still take the swimming and distance running to heart. Olympic triathlon has to be the all time favorite though.

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