In a Pinch

I wanted to share with you a tasty product I stumbled upon that passes the Health Coach Jillian test…which is no small feat, my friends! Generally, I like to eat whole foods. Real foods. But I like to have something on me at all times in case I get hungry when I’m out and about. So here’s what I found as I was strolling the Whole Foods aisles the other day…

What: The Macrobar

Flavor: Chocolate Protein

Texture: Chewy with crunchies

Taste: Chocolatey. It’s sweet but not too sweet, so it hits the spot without being over the top. It’s delicious.

Here’s why I like it. It’s 100% organic. All ingredients are non-GMO. It’s vegan. It has wholesome ingredients like organic sunflower seed butter, organic brown rice protein, organic flax sprouts, organic cinnamon, organic natural vanilla. The sweeteners are my favorites: organic brown rice syrup and organic coconut sugar, which is low-glycemic. No agave nectar here. No refined sugar here. Hooray!

The Pros:
At 260 calories per bar, and with 10g of protein, this will fill me up for awhile, enabling me to finish my errands without getting hungry again. Plus, it gives a good boost of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, folate, iron, and vitamin E.

Also great is that there’s very little sodium, saturated fat is low, and total fat is a good healthy dose.

The Cons:
I’m not ecstatic that the first ingredient listed is one of the sugars, which means the sugar content is a little higher than I’d like – 14 grams – but the coconut sugar is low-glycemic so your body will process it differently than refined white sugar. Carbs are high at 37g, so make sure to factor that in and cut your carbs elsewhere for the day.

The Verdict:
For an on-the-go snack to keep in my bag at all times, this is as good as I’ve found but I don’t recommend eating these every day. They are good as emergency food – when it’s not possible to eat real, whole foods that you’ve prepared in your kitchen. Other flavors look good, although I haven’t tried them yet because I liked the nutritional stats on this flavor best.

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